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August 29th, 2014

First game of the season tomorrow!!!

Yeah, I know...we didn't have the most stellar season last year.  HOWEVER, being the diehard supporters that we are...we'll be there!  Back up our team no matter what.  We cheer loud and proud.  Wear our green with pride!  What?  You only come out when we win?  Aiyah...what kind of fan is THAT!@!

  Shonaline & Lauren in their Colt lovin' days...

 Me and Gladys...SHE is undeniably the diehard fan in the family!

I was listening to Coach Chow talking to Billy V and Mele on Hawn know, he always says, it's not about him ~ It's about the team...they put themselves out there for us.  They represent US, the University of Hawaii...the Big 808!  In the stands, the fans can get pretty brutal when things aren't going our way...I know we all want "the win" but really!  Sometimes you just want to crack some of these peeps when they start getting obnoxious!   Shaddap already!  Paul and I now have grandkids in the stands with us.  Jaymes is an old pro at the games...this will be Brayden's 2nd football season!

I missed the interview with Coach Shoji, but I know everyone is excited for the volleyball season to start as well!  So what?  Is THIS going to be his last season?  Can't even begin to imagine UH Women's Volleyball without Shoji on the sidelines!

Get out and support our teams!!! 


3 Responses to “Show Your Support”

  1. Kalalea:


  2. TippyToby:

    Enthusiastic crowd! Great 1st half! You are spot on...Support our Teams! Go Bows!!!

  3. Lei Ahu Isa:

    Great article, Kathy! Totally AGREE!!