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Ya Meet the Nicest Peeps

August 22nd, 2014

Last weekend, we attended the Made in Hawaii Festival at the Neal S. Blaisdell along with thousands of others!  Paul, myself and our granddaughters, Jaymes and Kylia figured that we'd brave the crowds and check out the happenings.  We're glad that we did, as we were able to find not one but TWO birthday presents that we were shopping for!

AND!  We were able to meet some really nice people which made it an even more worthwhile adventure!  While meandering the aisles, (and I say that tongue in cheek because you do NOT meander in the aisles since it's always so crowded) I came across a booth with really cute Baby Items which immediately caught my eye especially since she had a baby futon on display similar to one that my daughter Megan has that she TOTALLY loves!   Anyways, Chloe (my 11 month old granddaughter ~ yes, another one ~ we have many  :))...loves her is THE softest futon EVER!  I want one of my own please!  Here's the link to Me&U... .   In speaking with them, I found out that the shop owner also teaches sewing ~ I love it!...we were talking about how as I was growing up, girlz our age attended the mandated summer "Singer Sewing Class"...nowadays, no one does stuff like that.  My sister used to be the instructor at the Singer sewing class in Hilo that I attended, and whenever I would get stuck (which was a lot), she would help until this day, I still don't know how to sew zippers (or sew that well for that matter)!  🙂


Image of Sariah Keiki Futon

While at the festival, we also purchased a couple of Forbidden Island Flutes.  What drew us to that particular booth was the melodic sounds coming from the wasn't a shrill whistle as one might was actually quite a soothing sound!  After checking out the various offerings of flutes, we selected one for our grandson and continued on our merry way.  After walking around the festival for awhile, we then decided on purchasing a honu flute for another birthday present and felt quite satisfied that with our shopping accomplished, we could treat ourselves to the rest of the festival offerings.


That said, we had a great time at the 2014 Made In Hawaii Festival!  After that, we took Jaymes and Kylia to sing karaoke for the rest of the afternoon!



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  1. Kalalea:

    Great post! In a similar vein, I think Erika Engel's column "BuyLocal" should be available to all online readers of the Star-Advertiser- and I'm a paying e-subscriber! Her column seeks to promote local businesses- which helps the economy. I appreciate Erika and her column and wish your Editors weren't so manini! They should bring that column out from behind the paywall! Doing so might even encourage more people to become paid customers!