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Attitude of Gratitude

August 12th, 2014

People oh my gosh ~  we just dodged a couple of pretty big bullets ... let's display an attitude of gratitude PLEASE!  There are people on Hawaii Island and Maui that are still dealing with the blow dealt by Hurricane Iselle.  We should be VERY, and I mean VERY thankful that it wasn't worse than it was, because we all know that it could d@mn well have been.

  • So you have a couple of cases of water that's taking up floor space?  You DO know that hurricane season runs through November?  Don't be ugly and make scenes trying to return the water you no longer want.  If you REALLY don't want it on your floor or in your pantry take some to work everyday.  Buy some flavor enhancers and drink healthy!  Yay!  Heaven forbid that we have to go through this fire drill AGAIN and you have to go out and buy water cause you returned it all!  Aiyah!


  • Stop making fun of the meteorologists!  They are doing their job.  Although we have some awesome technology, they do not have a crystal ball that can show them EXACTLY what's going to happen.  Easy to blame stuff on someone else...auwe!  Shame on you.  And stop making fun of Guy Hagi...geez, he wasn't even here to defend himself!  WTH!  Really?


I personally am very thankful that we were spared the wrath of Iselle and Julio.  My family is safe.  My home is intact.  Life is good.  We are truly blessed.

Have a wonderful day everyone!  🙂


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