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That "Special" Song

July 11th, 2014

So do you and your Special Someone have a Special Song?

I know I have songs that remind me of special times in my life.  There's 10 years difference between my sister and I...she practically raised me, so many of my musical memories are of songs that she listened to in the 60's, my dad's favorites were country western songs (Jim Reeves, Johnny Cash), I don't remember my mom having any preference...and my brothers were pretty much grown and out of the house when I was adopted.

I've always loved music.  I love dancing, I love to sing karaoke (don't know that I'm real good at it ~ I enjoy it!), I played the ukulele when I was little.  Music makes me moves me.  Sounds corny huh?  I listen to the words of a song and it touches me.

Recently, Megan and Thomas moved to Tacoma.  Before they left, she said that Thomas asked her to listen to a song by Tanya Tucker...Two Sparrows in a Hurricane...I recently listened to it.  And it TOTALLY fits the path that they have chosen right now...the move to Tacoma, the fact that they have a little baby and another on the way ~ unfreakin' real!  It's such a beautiful song!

Makes me miss them so much more every time I hear it.  I share it with you...enjoy!  I love you my two sparrows...


2 Responses to “That "Special" Song”

  1. thekirakollection:

    Didn't get to listen to the song yet but love the idea of the two little sparrows <3

  2. IslandCrafters:

    The words are truly beautiful!