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Say you don't mean it...

February 26th, 2014

Paul and I have always considered ourselves blessed that all of our kids have managed to stay close to the "home front" with none of them having moved to the mainland...UNTIL NOW.   (That's a pretty good record considering we have a total of 7 kids between the two of us!)   

About a week ago, Megan and Thomas dropped a bombshell telling us that they are planning on making a move to Washington State within the next year or so.  Get out the defibrillator...someone check my  breathing...wait, have I stopped breathing?  They want to move and take away our newest grandchild, Chloe?  NO!  It can't be!  I'm dreaming, I'm going to wake up any minute now...Paul is going to be shaking me like he does when I'm having a bad dream.  Wait, I'm awake.  What the heck?  It can't be!  I'm hearing those words, "...better opportunities, lower cost of living, housing costs"...please, don't let it be true.

My friends are giving me "counseling sessions"  to help me grab hold of this possibility.  One of my best friends moved to Japan with her family about a year ago.  At the time, her daughter had just turned 1...I'm sure her parents (who are very close to Zoe) were feeling what I'm feeling.  She said that they Facetime and Skype all of the time to keep in touch.    

Paul and I are still in denial.  We understand, but we don't.  We know we have to "let go", but we don't want to.   I cry when I think about it.  They have to do what they think is right for their little family, and we will support them no matter what...but it doesn't mean we have to like it.  :('''   Boo!

 IMG_5076[1]  Look at this sweetie...wouldn't you cry too???


5 Responses to “Say you don't mean it...”

  1. number 3:

    We love you mom, more than you'll ever know! Thank you for all the support over the years and the lessons you've taught us. Now you have another place you can visit on the mainland (and we can trade care packages!). We just have to cherish all the time we have left!

  2. makaha wahine:

    Awww, poor ting you. Baby so cute. You could always move with them too. 8->
    No worry I am sure you will be keeping in touch and going to visit them, sending care packages, etc. Then when she is old enough, she will be coming for summer visits!

  3. Kathy Goo:

    @number 3 ~ my lucky number 3...yes, another place to visit! I always cherish all of the times our family has. It's hard enough getting all of our huge family together as it is. And we just got it to where you guys could attend family events because of your schedules. Aiyah! 🙂 Just goes to show you...enjoy the time that you have, because you never know what's gonna happen! Love life...

  4. Kathy Goo:

    @makaha wahine ~ Hawaii is my home. When the time comes (hopefully not anytime soon!) we will definitely visit, facetime and skype!

  5. thekirakollection:

    Aww it's hard to let babies spread their wings!! She is such a cutie pie!!