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So Darned Cute!

February 20th, 2014

The other day I posted about our office Valentine's Day box decorating contest.  I wanted to feature this box by itself because so much work went into the making of her little animals and they are so darned cute that you fall in love with their little faces when you see them!

 IMG_5112[1]  "Prisoners of Love" was the contest 2nd Place Winner

 Take a look at these little cuties!


Hedgehog, Lady Bug, Badger, Dog, Pig

These photos do not do these little cuties justice!

The person that made these also makes some beautiful jewelry.  I featured some of her work when she FIRST started making her jewelry.  She has since expanded her jewelry line and always working on new ideas.  You can find her on Etsy, her shop name is ForbeadinCollection.  She also has her jewelry on sale at Ben Franklin Mapunapuna in one of their lockers.  As you can see, she is multi-talented!  She does not ONLY make jewelry...Kim has certainly TAPPED that vein of creativity that we all have that I referred to previously! 

Have YOU crafted anything lately???  🙂

One Response to “So Darned Cute!”

  1. thekirakollection:

    Omg these are so cute!! I love the idea of them in their boxes too like pets haha! Adorable!
    (Have not had time to craft anything, boo) How about you? 🙂