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Keepin' it Simple But Meaningful

February 13th, 2014

Whether you've been together as Valentine's for just a short while, or you've shared many a year of happiness, you're probably thinking of a special way to show your love and affection towards your significant other...through his or her stomach of course!

While there are many super restaurants and eateries out there that can provide you with taste-tempting and wonderful meals for you and your lover...just's not just YOU that's looking for somewhere to dine on this special evening!!!  It's gonna be crowded, parking is gonna suck, service probably won't be at its best ~ come on, we've all experienced it! 

To avoid this, you can either celebrate earlier in the week, or maybe even after Valentine's Day.  But ... DUH ... who wants to do THAT!?!

We, as in the love of MY life, Paul and myself like to keep the evening as stress free and simple as possible.  We both hate crowds, do not appreciate having to search for parking, don't especially care for stressed out service staff that might be upset because they would rather be celebrating with their loved one than be scheduled to pull the "V-Day Shift"! 

Make it easy on yourself.  Buy a really sweet card for your main squeeze...pick out a movie the two of you want to see...make sure none of the kids plan to show up (if you're lucky enough to have any, or if you do have little one's, get a sitter)...pick up the steaks and crab/lobster (whichever you prefer)...and have at it -- the food I mean!  🙂  You can cook it together, have a glass of wine while you're cooking...what a great time!  No need to dress up ~ PERFECT!   Time to make some happy memories!

Keep it simple!  No need to stress out!  🙂 



2 Responses to “Keepin' it Simple But Meaningful”

  1. makaha wahine:

    I totally agree. We celebrate v day and our anniversary too. Easier for hubby to remember.
    Our newly married daughter and her husband have decided to cook dinner for us tomorrow. I know they will make it special. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours!

  2. Kathy Goo:

    Have a great Valentine's Day / Anniversary Dinner! How sweet of your daughter and son-in-law to cook for you! Love is meant to be shared!