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Make A Vase/Small Planter Out of a Plastic Bottle

January 24th, 2014


 Nowadays, there is a definite trend towards recycled crafts (crafts made out of recycled items).  Whether it be t-shirts, old dishes, magazines, socks, cans, bottles, you name it!

I came across this really cute vase or small planter made out of a recycled plastic bottle.  Upon looking at the photo, I was so surprised as it looks like it could be made out of glass ~ it's actually very cute!  The photos are pretty self explanatory  if you want to try and make one on your own.  I would think that you need to put some marbles or something in the bottom of the vase to weigh it down so that it doesn't spill over.  What a great idea!  You could also use it for little plants and poke holes in the bottom for drainage!  Maybe even try it with the larger plastic bottles!  Send me some pics if you make some of these!



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One Response to “Make A Vase/Small Planter Out of a Plastic Bottle”

  1. thekirakollection:

    Wow it really does look almost like glass! This is a great project for reusing plastic bottles I know so many people just toss out without a second thought! I looove the whole repurpose movement in crafting. Thanks, will definitely have to try this one.