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Bowled Me Over

October 11th, 2013

My co-worker came by my desk the other day saying that she had something that she wanted to show me.  I was thinking it was something I had to follow-up on.  So she comes to my office a little later on and shows me what she was talking about...

Her masterpiece!  She wanted to come up with a giveaway for her son's upcoming bowling banquet.  Here's what she made...SO CUTE!!!


Looks like a bowling ball right?   LOVE IT!

She took a plastic ornament, painted it black inside, used white paper reinforcements for the ball holes and puffy paint to fill in the holes...or you could also just use white paint, then gold permanent marker pen to write the MHS 2013 (which stands for Mililani High School). 

Great job Starlani!!! 

Just love it when friends share their crafts with me!

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