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Repurpose with a Purpose!

July 22nd, 2013

My daughter Shannon is big into repurposing.  She has a blog should visit it when you have a chance.  She does some pretty cool stuff!  It's always good to repurpose items, whether you're recycling specific items, or repurposing an article of clothing.  When something has pretty much lived past it's intended purpose, perhaps you can bring it back to life by repurposing it!

For example, I took an old pair of jeans, and turned it into a cute bag simply by cutting off the legs, lining it with a piece of fabric, using the fabric from the legs as the handles, and voila you have a bag!


We do garage sales and craft fairs fact, it's kind of our family "bonding" time for myself, my daughters and daughter-in-law.  When we have garage sales, we're always going through our stuff looking for something to "repurpose" should too!  You know what they say about "one person's trash is someone else's treasure"!

You can make things out of old jewelry, frames, containers, books, cds...the possibilities are endless!  All it takes is a little bit of imagination.  Need some ideas -- reach out!  You Tube, the internet, books, friends, ME!   But remember to have fun with it...I always tell my friends, crafting is supposed to be FUN!!!

3 Responses to “Repurpose with a Purpose!”

  1. Gold Price:

    If for every piece of furniture that you threw out because it broke or you just got tired of its look, you could put it towards another purpose in your house, would you? Repurposing furniture and other decorative household items can save you money, and save landfills from filling unnecessarily. Repurposing can mean you find the product a new use, or you take the same product and revamp it to beautify it, and use it again. However you decide to repurpose, here are 10 ways to decorate your home by repurposing.

  2. Glenn Murphy:

    I know it’s a common practice to haggle at a garage sale. People at garage sales are often folks that are simply unloading their excess things, and often the prices are marked a little high just to leave room for negotiation. Sometimes I ask for a discount, but often I don’t, because I decide in a split second what an item is worth to me. If it’s worth to me what they’re asking, I’ll pay it. If I’m struggling with a decision, I might come back at the end of the day and ask. Often I’ll buy several things at the asking price and then ask for a discount on something I might have been on the fence about. Today I stood around a hot parking lot for almost an hour trying to decide, at the end of the day and with my last bit of money, whether I would buy an item. In the end, I got the item for half off and several things for free because they were about to drop it all off at Goodwill. But earlier in the day I’d loaded my car from their garage sale, so they felt good about cutting me that deal and I felt OK about taking it.

  3. Gold Price:

    As repurposing becomes increasingly popular, the variety and availability of items for repurposing diminishes. Many people make a business out of repurposing items and selling them. Other people find and sell items that are suitable for repurposing. Therefore, the competition for interesting items for repurposing is increasing. There are, however, still many places to look for discarded items for repurposing. Many places have areas put aside for items that are unwanted, but can be reused. These are often free for people to take away. Garage sales and thrift stores are also good sources of items that are suitable for repurposing.