Feeling Thankful

October 7th, 2014

Today I am in a very pensive mood...there's so much craziness in this world today.  Things have changed so much from when I was growing up in Hilo.  Used to be that you could go shopping and not worry about locking your door at home, much less your car (in fact, you could leave your car keys in your car and not worry).  Nowadays, if you were to leave your car keys in your car...a sure bet would be that your car would be MIA in no time flat!  AND you would be considered the baboose for leaving your keys in the car!  This morning I forgot my glasses in the house and had to make sure I locked my car in the short time that it took for me to run back in the house to retrieve my glasses in case someone of a "not so nice nature" had seen that I left my bag in my car ~ don't laugh, it's happened!    My daughter's school backpack was stolen from her car while eating at a restaurant...she had a camera in it and therefore lost whatever photos were in the camera at the time.  People that prey on others...bachi on you!  Used to be that neighbors looked out for neighbors...neighbors were almost like extended family!  Do YOU know your neighbors?  I live in a townhouse complex...there are people moving in and out all the time, you almost never have a chance to get to know anyone!

People beheading other people...WTH!  Really, how can you do that to another human being and expect to be allowed into heaven?  People killing one another.  Terrorists lurking about.  Cyber attacks.  Bullying.  ISIS.  Can't we all just get along?

What kind of world are we going to leave to our children and grandchildren?  It truly scares me...doesn't it scare YOU!!!!

I'm thankful that I lived in a more carefree time when I was growing up...there wasn't so much violence in the world in which we live.

Live aloha...spread aloha everyone.  Life is too darned short!


October 3rd, 2014

Whatchu doing this weekend?

October 3 - Pauoa Fall Fair / Pauoa Elementary School Cafeteria / 2301 Pauoa Road / 1:30-7pm / Craft fair, games, food & more!

October 3 - 4 Hawaii World Class Wedding Expo / Hawaii Convention Center, Friday:  6-10pm / Saturday:  11am-5pm / Professional wedding services & products along with a special crafters section.  Admission:  $9

October 4 - Windward Ho'olaule'a / Windward Community College Great Lawn / 10am-8pm / Annual scholarship fundraiser.  Free admission.  Keiki rides, imaginarium show, handcrafters, food vendors!  Entertainment by Brothers Cazimero, Kolohe Kai, Hawaiian Soul and more!

October 5 - Wiki Wiki One Day Vintage Collectibles & Hawaiiana Show / Blaisdell Center Hawaii Suites / 10:30am-4:30pm / An all vintage (20 years & older) collectibles and antiques show and sale.  93 tables with vendors from Hawaii and the Mainland.

October 5 - Ben Franklin Mapunapuna Craft Fair / 2810 Paa Street / 9am-2pm

October 5 - Children's & Youth Day at the State Capitol / 10am-3pm / Free activities, games and entertainment for kids of all ages!  Sounds like a lot of fun!


As always, thank you to Island Craft Bulletin for the listings!

Proud Mommy Status

September 29th, 2014

I am extremely proud of all of our children...they have all grown up to be responsible, awesome adults and have blessed us with wonderful grandchildren which Paul and I thoroughly enjoy.

Today, I sing the praises of Megan (our Tacoma transplant) who is our blogger/vlogger who recently received the prestigious status of TOP MOMMY BLOGGER!  In the blogger world...this means that she received a high average ranking and is now able to proudly display the badge of Top Mommy Blogger on her blog!  Yayee!  Her blog can be found at SimplyHonestSimplyReal.com   In her blog, she writes about her daily life as a mommy of a 1-year old with another little one on the way, her family's new adventures in the Pacific Northwest along with all kinds of exciting stuff!  She's expanded to vlogging as well...I especially love THAT because it enables me to see baby Chloe everyday while viewing Megan's vlogs.

TMB-Blogger  How cool is that badge??? 

It takes a lot of discipline to write in a blog everyday and much more so to videotape your daily activities and edit it to publish it for all to see.   If I had the discipline (or energy), I'd have soooo much to vlog/blog about...we certainly have enough in our lives to keep us busy!  :)

Little Miss Chloe-Ann - SimplyHonestSimplyReal.Com  Look at that munchkin ~ she is growing up so fast!

Clean Slate

September 10th, 2014

Each morning, I start my day with a clean slate.  As I drive in to work, I clear my mind and prepare myself for the day ahead.  I try to purge my mind of any "ugliness" of the previous day and start fresh.  Put on some good sounds, (usually it's Billy V and Mele Apana on 105.1)...and plan my day out.  Sometimes the ride in will involve talking to myself about this, that or whatever.  My job has a lot of dramatic goings on so I have to talk to myself about the various scenarios at times for sanity sake.  LOL!

I say to start out with a clean slate...purge yourself ~ Let go of yesterdays ugliness.  Don't stay mad at something that upset you yesterday.  Seriously, it's not worth it.  Life is just too short.  I have family members that literally stay pi$$ed off for years.  And what?  Grandma ends up not seeing the mo'opuna, aunty ends up not seeing the nieces and nephews.  Nobody sees nobody.  WTH.  Like I said...move on.  Life is too darned short.

Same with work.  You have a problem with a co-worker, talk it out.  Nothing can be so bad that you can't talk about it right?

Can't we all just get along?  :)   Sheesh!

Na'au Therapy

September 5th, 2014

If ever you are driving next to me on my morning trek to work, you will undoubtedly see me laughing (all by myself, mind you) and think that I'm some kind of crazy woman gone wild.  I am, but most times ~ in the morning, it's because I'm listening to Billy V and Mele Apana on Hawaiian 105.1 and their Na'au Therapy.  They just crack me up while they talk stories about the funniest things!  I can totally see myself just hanging with dem guys...no problem.

 Photo courtesy of Hawaiian 105.1 website 

Each morning, Mele shares her Mento Mana'o...she shares a Hawaiian (sometimes pidgin) word and provides her meaning for the word ... usually, it's something based on her personal life adventures...

Overall, just listening to these two is like listening to really good friends that are just so comfortable with one another.  No false airs about them...I love it!  That's why I gravitate to their morning show...I like genuine people...and in my books, they are about as genuine as you can get.  My kind of peeps!

On another note, don't forget to get out there and support our University of Hawaii Warrior football and volleyball teams this weekend!

Photo courtesy of UH website

Heck, I'm ready for a weekend...aren't you???  :)


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