Bit off more than I could handle...NOT!

December 19th, 2014

Those that know me know how large our family is.  To keep track of our family birthdays is a feat in itself!  I usually try to print off a calendar each year for our family to help them stay up to date on their birthday wishes for the family.

This year, I saw a great idea on Pinterest that I just HAD to handcraft for each of our "kids" (they are all adults) as a Christmas present.  It was one of those ideas that you looked at and said "I can do that!"...little did I know that with such a large family, it would be so time consuming AND I needed to make 9 of them!!!  You figure, each of those plaques have a button for each family member (that's 30 something buttons x 9 = 270 buttons that I have to paint along with the main piece; and I'm making one plaque for each kid so that's 7 kids; PLUS I'm making one for Paul's sister, Gladys...and I gotta make one for US...that makes 9!)  I was totally stressing myself out ... But I've decided that if I don't finish it by the time Christmas comes rolling along, I'll show them what I have on my wall and tell them all that they will be receiving one...maybe not TODAY, but before long!  :)  No stress!

IMG_7356[1]IMG_7357[1]   IMG_5834[1]

So I have one down, and 8 more to go!!!  In January, we will add one more baby girl and then we'll actually have a birthday in every month of the year!  WOW!  Then in May, we have yet another baby coming!  Mind you, this is just our IMMEDIATE family...gotta love it ~ our family is growing!

Hope your Christmas shopping is coming along and that you're enjoying the season.  Remember, it's supposed to be fun and all about love, joy, family and friends!  Don't be a Grinch...



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It's a Coming...

December 5th, 2014

Yes, you can't deny's only 20 days until Christmas my friends!  To help you along, here's a list of Craft Fairs scheduled for this weekend!   You're sure to find something for everyone on your holiday list!

Saturday, December 6 / Season's Best Craft & Gift Fair / Aliiolani Elementary School, 1240 7th Avenue, Kaimuki/ 8am-2pm / Over 200+ booths of crafts, gifts and food.

Saturday, December 6 / Christmas in Manoa / Waiaoli Tea Room, 2950 Manoa Road / 9am-1pm / Selection of quality gifts by accomplished artists dedicated to both function and art.  Many new designs of fine pieced clothing, silk scarfs, jewelry and unique gift items.

Saturday, December 6 / Kapolei Holiday Fair / Kapolei High School, 91-5007 Kapolei Parkway / 8am-1pm / Christmas tree pick-up/Sale, recycling drive, breakfast with Santa, crafts, gifts & food.

Saturday, December 6 / Christmas Craft Fair / Prince Kuhio Community Center, 91-1270 Kinoiki Street, Kapolei / 9am-3pm / Local foods and crafts.

Saturday, December 6 / Mililani Town Association Holiday Craft & Gift Fair / Mililani Rec 5, 95-1101 Ainamakua Drive / 4-9pm / 80+ vendors

Saturday, December 6 / Wahiawa Ryusenji Soto Mission Fujinkai Craft Fair / 164 California Avenue, Wahiawa / 9am-2pm

Saturday, December 6 / Holiday Extravaganza & Craft Fair / Kaala Elementary School, 130 California Avenue, Wahiawa / 8am-1pm / Crafts, food, omelet bar, baked goods, produce, plants, orchids.

Saturday, December 6 / Creations of Hawaii - Kailua Holiday Fair / Kailua Elementary School, 315 Kuulei Road / 8am-2pm / Produce, plants, food, merchandise & crafts!

Saturday, December 6 / SJV Travel Club Craft Fair / St. John Vianney School, 940 Keolu Drive, Kailua / 8am-2pm

BIG ISLAND ~ Saturday, December 6 / Hilo High PTSA Christmas Craft Faire / Hilo High School Cafeteria, 556 Waianuenue Avenue, Hilo / 8:30am-2:30pm / Crafts, food, plants & door prizes!

BIG ISLAND ~ Saturday, December 6 / Christmas Bazaar, University of the Nations Kona / 75-5851 Kuakini Highway, Kailua-Kona / 9am-9pm / A Christmas market featuring arts, crafts and ethnic foods, and other fun free family events.

Sunday, December 7 / Arts and Flavors of Hawaii (Food and Products Show) / Hawaii Kai Retirement Community, 428 Kawaihae Street / 11am-3pm / Street foods, specialty foods, baked goods and more!  Check out and on Instagram:  @artsandflavorsHI.

Sunday, December 7 / Windward Holiday Craft Fair / JB Castle High School, 45-386 Kaneohe Bay Drive / 10am-2pm / Project Grad Fundraiser with handcrafts, ono food and gift items!  150 booths!

Like I said, you're sure to find something for everyone on your holiday list visiting these craft events and at the same time, you're supporting your local crafters!!!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Thank you Island Craft Bulletin, for the listings!


Rum Cake Anyone?

November 21st, 2014

Our office had a pre-Thanksgiving luncheon and dessert contest yesterday.  As always, the food was totally yummy, and everyone wanted/needed a nap after lunch.  I just HAD to share a story that goes with one of our dessert entries's so darned funny but kinda scary at the same time.

One of the entries into the dessert contest was a Rum Cake.  Not just an ordinary Rum Cake mind you...usually Rum Cakes are made with Dark Rum ~ THIS one was made with Bacardi 151!

If you were to look up Bacardi 151 in the Urban Dictionary, the meaning starts off with..."a one way ticket to the toilet, the hospital, or your deathbed.  The majority of people won't even smell it, let alone drink it..."  That just gives you a little hint as to how our baker didn't know what the hell she was getting herself into.

When our baker started to gather her ingredients for the cake, she said she only had Bacardi 151 in the house, so that's what she used.  She also decided to not utilize a bundt cake pan as is usually what is used and instead used a regular baking pan.  (I'm not sure if this has any relevance on what happened.)  Hmmm...Moving right along, she mixed the ingredients that the recipe called for and placed it in the oven for baking.  Timed it as instructed for 60 minutes...but the good baker that she is, she noticed that at 45 minutes, the cake was browning significantly and didn't want it to overcook, so she decided to stick a toothpick in it at that point to test for doneness.    She opened up the oven and when she did...POOF!  Flames shot out of her oven (I kid you not) ~ and no, she does not have a gas oven.    She immediately closed the oven to douse the flames...and was thinking to herself that perhaps something flammable had found its way into the oven and caught fire (like maybe a towel got stuck under the pan).  However, we now know that this was a direct result of her Bacardi 151, which is highly flammable.  (This type of alcohol is often used for flambés or when you want to cook with some type of flame in a pan.)  She was so concerned that the cake would burn, and she didn't want to chance losing her entry by leaving it in the oven any longer, so she asked her husband to stand next to her with the fire extinguisher in case the flames had not gone out totally so that she could retrieve the cake from the oven safely.  :)

Thankfully, she wasn't injured.  Although she did singe her hair and eyebrows, it could have been much worse.  She was very lucky her cake was one of the winners, and it did taste delicious!     AND she had this CRAZY story to share with all of us!

Note to self and other rum cake bakers...stick with the dark rum please!  :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Watchu Gonna Do

November 14th, 2014

Don't want to alarm you, but there are only 13 days until Thanksgiving, and 40 days until Christmas!  Lordy, I swear it was just the 4th of July not too long ago!  Anyways, for those of you that are planning for the upcoming holidays, there are a number of craft fairs this's a listing from my favorite resource, Island Craft Bulletin,!

Nov 14 (Fri) Kalei'opu'u Elementary School Ohana Fair, 94-655 Kaaholo Street, Village Park, Royal Kunia, 1-7pm.  Crafts, food, games, rides!

Nov 15 (Sat) Season's Best Craft & Gift Fair, Aliiolani Elementary School, 1240 7th Ave, Kaimuki, 8am-2pm, 200+ booths of crafts, gifts & yummylicious food!

Nov 15 (Sat) Holiday Extravaganza, Radford High School, 4361 Salt Lake Boulevard, 9am-2pm.  Crafts, food & gifts!

Nov 15 (Sat) Creations of Hawaii - Aiea Autumn Fair, Aiea Elementary School, 99-370 Moanalua Road, 8am-2pm.  Produce, plants, food, merchandise & crafts!

Nov 14 (Sat) Hurricane Eatz:  Best in the West!  Kapolei High School, 91-5007 Kapolei Pkwy., 3-8pm, Food, live entertainment, family activities, door prizes!

Nov 15 (Sat) Wheeler Middle School Holiday Bazaar, Wheeler Army Airfield, Wahiawa, 9am-3pm.  A variety of local crafters and vendors.  Open to the public.

Nov 15 (Sat) Ka'elepulu's Holiday Art and Craft Fair, 530 Keolu Drive, Kailua, 9am-3pm.  Food and fun for the entire family!

Nov 16 (Sun) Craft, Gift & Rubberstamp Expo, plus Crafters' Clearance.  Neal Blaisdell Center Hawaii Suites, 9am-3pm.  Featuring local vendors selling handmade crafts, gift items, rubberstamp, scrapbooking supplies and craft supplies.  Free admission.

Nov 16 (Sun) Hawaiian Mission Academy Windward Fall Festival Craft Fair, 160 Mookua Street, Kailua, 2-7pm.  Local arts and crafts holiday sale, food by classroom teachers and students.

Wow!  That's a lot going on!!!  So many things to choose from!


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"I Do!"

October 29th, 2014

"I DO!"  Two such simple words...but they hold everlasting meaning.  Especially when spoken in front of an audience of your family and friends proclaiming your never ending love for your betrothed.

This weekend, I had the pleasure of officiating the wedding of my niece that flew in from Florida.  She has Hawaii ties in that her mom and dad are both from Hilo.  Though she's an Air Force "brat" and lived in Germany and Texas and eventually ended up in Florida, she still loves the islands and visits every chance she gets!  Not to mention, her husband is an avid surfer!

So when she was planning her "Wedding in Hawaii", the idea of my becoming ordained got tossed around.  I looked into it and decided "why not?!"  The process in itself isn't don't take any classes, you basically just sign up, pay the fee and they send your certification!  Tah dah!  Then all you need to do is register with the State of Hawaii so that you are able to legally perform a wedding.  Did you know that various celebs are ordained?  Tony Danza, Sharon Stone, Goldie Hawn...and many more!

As the date got closer, I found myself getting nervous.  I was thinking to myself..."SELF...what are you doing???  This is a very important event in Cheryl and Kelly's life!  What if you screw up the vows or something!"  Aiyah!  WTH!  Yes, those thoughts did run through my head.

IMG_7119[1]  Congratulations you two!!!

Needless to say, the bride and groom were stunning...and the wedding went off without a hitch!  (Play on words!)



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