Show Your Support

August 29th, 2014

First game of the season tomorrow!!!

Yeah, I know...we didn't have the most stellar season last year.  HOWEVER, being the diehard supporters that we are...we'll be there!  Back up our team no matter what.  We cheer loud and proud.  Wear our green with pride!  What?  You only come out when we win?  Aiyah...what kind of fan is THAT!@!

  Shonaline & Lauren in their Colt lovin' days...

 Me and Gladys...SHE is undeniably the diehard fan in the family!

I was listening to Coach Chow talking to Billy V and Mele on Hawn know, he always says, it's not about him ~ It's about the team...they put themselves out there for us.  They represent US, the University of Hawaii...the Big 808!  In the stands, the fans can get pretty brutal when things aren't going our way...I know we all want "the win" but really!  Sometimes you just want to crack some of these peeps when they start getting obnoxious!   Shaddap already!  Paul and I now have grandkids in the stands with us.  Jaymes is an old pro at the games...this will be Brayden's 2nd football season!

I missed the interview with Coach Shoji, but I know everyone is excited for the volleyball season to start as well!  So what?  Is THIS going to be his last season?  Can't even begin to imagine UH Women's Volleyball without Shoji on the sidelines!

Get out and support our teams!!! 


Ya Meet the Nicest Peeps

August 22nd, 2014

Last weekend, we attended the Made in Hawaii Festival at the Neal S. Blaisdell along with thousands of others!  Paul, myself and our granddaughters, Jaymes and Kylia figured that we'd brave the crowds and check out the happenings.  We're glad that we did, as we were able to find not one but TWO birthday presents that we were shopping for!

AND!  We were able to meet some really nice people which made it an even more worthwhile adventure!  While meandering the aisles, (and I say that tongue in cheek because you do NOT meander in the aisles since it's always so crowded) I came across a booth with really cute Baby Items which immediately caught my eye especially since she had a baby futon on display similar to one that my daughter Megan has that she TOTALLY loves!   Anyways, Chloe (my 11 month old granddaughter ~ yes, another one ~ we have many  :))...loves her is THE softest futon EVER!  I want one of my own please!  Here's the link to Me&U... .   In speaking with them, I found out that the shop owner also teaches sewing ~ I love it!...we were talking about how as I was growing up, girlz our age attended the mandated summer "Singer Sewing Class"...nowadays, no one does stuff like that.  My sister used to be the instructor at the Singer sewing class in Hilo that I attended, and whenever I would get stuck (which was a lot), she would help until this day, I still don't know how to sew zippers (or sew that well for that matter)!  :)


Image of Sariah Keiki Futon

While at the festival, we also purchased a couple of Forbidden Island Flutes.  What drew us to that particular booth was the melodic sounds coming from the wasn't a shrill whistle as one might was actually quite a soothing sound!  After checking out the various offerings of flutes, we selected one for our grandson and continued on our merry way.  After walking around the festival for awhile, we then decided on purchasing a honu flute for another birthday present and felt quite satisfied that with our shopping accomplished, we could treat ourselves to the rest of the festival offerings.


That said, we had a great time at the 2014 Made In Hawaii Festival!  After that, we took Jaymes and Kylia to sing karaoke for the rest of the afternoon!



Attitude of Gratitude

August 12th, 2014

People oh my gosh ~  we just dodged a couple of pretty big bullets ... let's display an attitude of gratitude PLEASE!  There are people on Hawaii Island and Maui that are still dealing with the blow dealt by Hurricane Iselle.  We should be VERY, and I mean VERY thankful that it wasn't worse than it was, because we all know that it could d@mn well have been.

  • So you have a couple of cases of water that's taking up floor space?  You DO know that hurricane season runs through November?  Don't be ugly and make scenes trying to return the water you no longer want.  If you REALLY don't want it on your floor or in your pantry take some to work everyday.  Buy some flavor enhancers and drink healthy!  Yay!  Heaven forbid that we have to go through this fire drill AGAIN and you have to go out and buy water cause you returned it all!  Aiyah!


  • Stop making fun of the meteorologists!  They are doing their job.  Although we have some awesome technology, they do not have a crystal ball that can show them EXACTLY what's going to happen.  Easy to blame stuff on someone else...auwe!  Shame on you.  And stop making fun of Guy Hagi...geez, he wasn't even here to defend himself!  WTH!  Really?


I personally am very thankful that we were spared the wrath of Iselle and Julio.  My family is safe.  My home is intact.  Life is good.  We are truly blessed.

Have a wonderful day everyone!  :)


Stay Calm ~ Practice Kindness

August 7th, 2014

Okay, we all know that it's a stressful time...2 hurricanes AND an earthquake!  WTH right!?!  As we find ourselves waiting in longer lines to fill up our tanks of gas, or at the grocery store (Costco/Sam's Club/wherever), now is a good time as any to get pissed off at the person that cut you off for that parking space that you were waiting for...or to get impatient at the retired aunty in front of you at the cash register who is talking stories with the cashier about the hurricanes, etc. when you are running late for your dentist appointment and you're thinking..."will you just hurry it along already?"    Take a breath...put a smile on your face and just go with it.   Why make your blood pressure go up over something that you have no control over?

While listening to the radio this morning on my way to work (Hawaiian 105.1)...Billy V and Mele were talking about an act of kindness that Mele heard about from a friend.  Mele was shopping at Longs and her friend mentioned that she was shopping for the kupuna that live near her...since they don't drive, she figured she'd take it upon herself to buy them some supplies.  Now if that didn't just make me stop in my tracks and just say "awwww" hearing about stuff like this!  Totally raises my faith in humanity...

Of course, take care of you and yours...AND if you see someone in need, reach out and help them out too!  Don't expect anything in shouldn't do things to get something in return...aiyah!

Be safe out there my friends!

Share a Smile

August 4th, 2014

How hard is it for you to crack a smile?

Does it cost you money?

Does it hurt you physically?

I know that every time I smile at someone, more times than not, I receive one in return, and I feel wonderful!  YOU should try it...make it a daily practice ~ I do!   Your smile may just be what someone needed to turn their otherwise crappy day around.

So, take some time to share those'll be happy you did!  :) :)