Say you don't mean it...

February 26th, 2014

Paul and I have always considered ourselves blessed that all of our kids have managed to stay close to the "home front" with none of them having moved to the mainland...UNTIL NOW.   (That's a pretty good record considering we have a total of 7 kids between the two of us!)   

About a week ago, Megan and Thomas dropped a bombshell telling us that they are planning on making a move to Washington State within the next year or so.  Get out the defibrillator...someone check my  breathing...wait, have I stopped breathing?  They want to move and take away our newest grandchild, Chloe?  NO!  It can't be!  I'm dreaming, I'm going to wake up any minute now...Paul is going to be shaking me like he does when I'm having a bad dream.  Wait, I'm awake.  What the heck?  It can't be!  I'm hearing those words, "...better opportunities, lower cost of living, housing costs"...please, don't let it be true.

My friends are giving me "counseling sessions"  to help me grab hold of this possibility.  One of my best friends moved to Japan with her family about a year ago.  At the time, her daughter had just turned 1...I'm sure her parents (who are very close to Zoe) were feeling what I'm feeling.  She said that they Facetime and Skype all of the time to keep in touch.    

Paul and I are still in denial.  We understand, but we don't.  We know we have to "let go", but we don't want to.   I cry when I think about it.  They have to do what they think is right for their little family, and we will support them no matter what...but it doesn't mean we have to like it.  :('''   Boo!

 IMG_5076[1]  Look at this sweetie...wouldn't you cry too???


So Darned Cute!

February 20th, 2014

The other day I posted about our office Valentine's Day box decorating contest.  I wanted to feature this box by itself because so much work went into the making of her little animals and they are so darned cute that you fall in love with their little faces when you see them!

 IMG_5112[1]  "Prisoners of Love" was the contest 2nd Place Winner

 Take a look at these little cuties!


Hedgehog, Lady Bug, Badger, Dog, Pig

These photos do not do these little cuties justice!

The person that made these also makes some beautiful jewelry.  I featured some of her work when she FIRST started making her jewelry.  She has since expanded her jewelry line and always working on new ideas.  You can find her on Etsy, her shop name is ForbeadinCollection.  She also has her jewelry on sale at Ben Franklin Mapunapuna in one of their lockers.  As you can see, she is multi-talented!  She does not ONLY make jewelry...Kim has certainly TAPPED that vein of creativity that we all have that I referred to previously! 

Have YOU crafted anything lately???  :)

Participation Please...

February 17th, 2014

I'm part of a Committee of 5 that puts together something FUN to do in the office each month.  For February, our office held a Valentine's Day contest where everyone was provided with a box.  You could do anything with the box, but needed to turn it into a receptacle for people in the office to place Valentine's Day cards in.  (We even provided the Valentine's Day cards for people to write and give out.)  Let me share some of the entries that were turned in with you!

   There was a dragon...

 IMG_5104[1] ...and a luv bug!

IMG_5109[1]    This team effort choo-choo was the winner!  Great Job!

I'll share the 2nd place box in a separate post because I want to "break it down" so that you can see all of the pieces of her winning entry!  What did the winners win you ask?  Aside from the bragging rights (which we all love), they were presented with an Edible Arrangement!!!   Yum!!!

There were many other entries, all of which were very cute and all made out of the same basic box!  I'm always amazed at the creativity that people possess!  I'm a firm believer that everyone has it within them...that vein of creativity just needs to be tapped!  It's not hard, it's not a perfect art, just go with it!  I always tell my friends that "stress out" about crafting ~ THEY SHOULDN'T!  :)

Crafting should be fun!  Crafting IS fun!  :)

Keepin' it Simple But Meaningful

February 13th, 2014

Whether you've been together as Valentine's for just a short while, or you've shared many a year of happiness, you're probably thinking of a special way to show your love and affection towards your significant other...through his or her stomach of course!

While there are many super restaurants and eateries out there that can provide you with taste-tempting and wonderful meals for you and your lover...just's not just YOU that's looking for somewhere to dine on this special evening!!!  It's gonna be crowded, parking is gonna suck, service probably won't be at its best ~ come on, we've all experienced it! 

To avoid this, you can either celebrate earlier in the week, or maybe even after Valentine's Day.  But ... DUH ... who wants to do THAT!?!

We, as in the love of MY life, Paul and myself like to keep the evening as stress free and simple as possible.  We both hate crowds, do not appreciate having to search for parking, don't especially care for stressed out service staff that might be upset because they would rather be celebrating with their loved one than be scheduled to pull the "V-Day Shift"! 

Make it easy on yourself.  Buy a really sweet card for your main squeeze...pick out a movie the two of you want to see...make sure none of the kids plan to show up (if you're lucky enough to have any, or if you do have little one's, get a sitter)...pick up the steaks and crab/lobster (whichever you prefer)...and have at it -- the food I mean!  :)  You can cook it together, have a glass of wine while you're cooking...what a great time!  No need to dress up ~ PERFECT!   Time to make some happy memories!

Keep it simple!  No need to stress out!  :) 



Keepin' it Simple

February 6th, 2014

Saw this while cruzin' through my usual haunts for ideas...

How simple is this for a cute card?

Fingerprint heart!Courtesy of Pinterest

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